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Cityscapes Bloomingdale Trail and Park


Spider Access - Cityscapes Bloomingdale
Spider Access – Cityscapes Bloomingdale

Cityscapes Bloomingdale Trail and Park: Chicago’s Next Green Public Space by Brian Cassella. The project called, Bloomingdale Road and the park will provide an opportunity for all Chicagoans to relax during their leisure time with a bit of cycling or walkingthrough the park and the Casino. Authorities in Chicago have just completed thefundraising for the first phase of the project to be shared great over 2000 feet off the ground.

The Bloomingdale Trail and the park will be a living space for people who devote their spare time. You can go cycling, walking on the horizontal line of theexuberance out there and go look at some art events. Well, most of the citiescultural and artistic events can take place in the new park, where people can enjoy the events in the atmosphere’s natural heat cool and exalted.

Authorities in Chicago have just completed the fundraising for the massive project. Its construction is set to launch next year itself. Some parts of the park will be open by 2014. The first phase of the project is estimated at $ 46, which is raised 37 million in funding for air quality and congestion control federal government.

Rahm Emanuel, the Mayor announced that the remaining $ 9 million was fundedby a number of private organizations and the Chicago Park District. The ExelonFoundation has offered $ 5 million in the ANC and Boeing donated $ 1 million each. The Chicago Park District has contributed to the remaining U.S. $ 2 billion, which means that taxpayers’ money to support the proposed $ 46,000,000 Green Park.

Images Credit: chicago tribune