Concrete Shell roof structure Kresge Auditorium, MIT campus Architecture

shell roof structure

Roofs are generally shaped like a curved shell and assemble to larger structures architecture, the roof construction in general shell structures by slight build with shell elements.Thin shell is a shell with a thin dimension, the deformations are not disproportionate to the thickness. Shell structure of the various structures such as bending plates that are flat. Shell membrane bending deformations, when he stresses that make the structure of the shell of a slender solid roof made. In this article we have tried one of the exemplary structure of concrete shell roof MIT campus architecture, the name of the building, the roof concrete shell visit in Kresge Auditorium 48 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, Massachusetts is located. Kresge Auditorium of the famous Eero Saarinen designed in 1953 and consecrated in 1955 with the inauguration of the MIT Chapel architecture.

Kresge Auditorium concrete shell roof structure looks so elegant thin shell structure, one-eighth of a world growing at a height of 50 feet, and decided by the vertical glass walls, so that it reaches the country, on three points. 1200 tons of weight of the roof structure of the concrete composite shell with innovative technology. The architecture of the concrete shell with a conical roof at the edge of the roof, designed the building, when viewed from the top of the construction of the roof structure, viewed as a clam.