Contemporary Bed With Tufted Headboard

Here’s another option bed with a modern twist is called flair capitone The bed of Italian Poltrona Frau production. The main feature of the atmosphere on the square classic design with a luxurious cream leather tufted headboard expands premium.Billed as one of contemporary upholstered beds with a touch, the bed is available with a flair tufted headboard only, or both head and base.
The flair of classic French bed was inspired, then the designer to transform her from leather or fabric and thick ornamental framework of carved wood. Vanguard reserves modern style that will certainly fascinate many hearts in love with the contemporary classic. With its modern style and flair luxurious bed is ideal for any type of room, modern or traditional welcome. They borrow heavily from traditional French furniture is a bed of fashion flair and bold statement to make in your room.

Images Credit: Poltrona Bed