Contemporary Ethanol Fireplace by Stephane Peruchon

There is a destiny that was inspired by a spirit thin. The bio ethanol fireplace contemporary look is so beautiful. Although this model is not like normal ordinary fireplace can be in everyday life or in the truest sense (like all models of ethanol, for that matter) can be easily found is a beautiful object, and your room is next to next winter will be decorated very happy with this. You no longer need to drink, then you can enjoy the outbreaks in the winter with a warm cup of coffee in hand, while your eyes are fixed and can not move out of this beautiful contemporary fireplace.

Place them as external decoration and can still give warmth to your patio. This modern hotel is independent and portable fireplace design, it offers great flexibility in installation. They can be installed horizontally or vertically, depending on your mood or simply at home. The burner is just hanging wire structure and small, so that in various geometric shapes such as rectangular, hexagonal square, cylinder, pyramid can, too. Thus, one for home and see how it looks.