Contemporary home architecture-exterior

Contemporary home architecture-exterior

Contemporary houses reflect today’s architecture. Image: Lochwood-Lozier Custom Homes
Read on to find out how to identify this style of architecture and what differentiates it from others.

What is a contemporary house?

In simple words, contemporary houses reflect contemporary architecture. You may think that this definition stands for modern architecture, but it is a common misconception. Modern architecture refers to a popular style from the 1920s to the 1950s that includes clean lines and absolute minimalism. Contemporary architecture defines the ever-changing architectural styles of the 21st century.

Most modern homes have a modern style with postmodernism and deconstructive design adjustments. For the first time, we also see houses where building materials are just as important as the final product. With modern homes, we see a great emphasis on natural and sustainable building materials.

Contemporary Home dining

Contemporary Home dining

Contemporary houses are popular because they allow individuality. Image: Openspace architecture

What makes these houses so popular?

Contemporary houses are popular because they have broken with the change of architectural style. Traditionally, the prevailing architectural style of the time is the complete opposite of the previous one. For example, the simplicity of artisan homes directly opposes the over-opulence of the Victorian era.

The same is not true of contemporary architecture. In fact, this style borrowed much from modern design, its predecessor. He borrowed what worked, as evidenced by the emphasis on simple, clean lines and outward connection, and corrected what was not. Modern homes often have a much warmer design than modern versions.

This ability to choose and choose attributes has meant that individuality has never been brought to the fore. Owners were free to design their homes to match architectural conventions. Maybe that’s why contemporary design seems to stay in the long run.

Contemporary Home living

Contemporary Home living

In general, modern homes try to match interior and exterior. Image: RW Anderson Houses

Define the characteristics of a contemporary House

Although contemporary House design attaches great importance to individuality, there are some features that combine this style of living. You are:

An irregular and asymmetrical facade
Strong emphasis on geometric shapes
Big windows
Clerestory window
Use of recycled building materials
Mixing of materials outside (eg wood and stone)

One or two stories
An open floor plan
A lot of natural light
Use of natural or recycled materials
Ecological systems for plumbing, heating and air conditioning
Flexible layout, adapted to the needs of the family

For many people, the meaning of the word “contemporary” is difficult to grasp, as it constantly evolves to accommodate the modern context. The same applies to contemporary architecture. However, we are here to give the contemporary home a face and a definition once and for all.

Images Credit: RW Anderson Contemporary Homes