Crescent Lake Homes Building

Crescent Lake Homes

Crescent Lake Homes to be a pioneering example of sustainable living. Crescent Lake Homes is an architectural design of urban areas brings us face to face with the idea of ​​the various uses of the Indian-Tamil Nadu landscape.The Oragadam is a plan to try to integrate industries beautiful residential areas clean and green explore the potential for green building a community of urban elite.

Crescent Lake Homes Building
Crescent Lake Homes Building

Crescent Lake Homes is a revolutionary example of the work in general, study, live and share investment activities in the same place. The roads of cars and pedestrians are open to linking the nearby highway and streets, which can lead to good communication and exchange of common public places, equally by all.These residential areas are designed taking into account the cost of housing benefits.

This show, which covers about 25 acres of land includes many residential buildings with a lake and a nearby park. The management of five generators includes Lake City, the road, the linear park covering ten percent of the plot area, an open space left for the parks and squares and last but not least six residential towers increase innovative designs of high value.

All Vaastu concepts were incorporated into the master plan that daylight is allowed to enter in all the residential parts. A view of the sky and weather is available in all segments. Green building principles are also made in the studio while making this design not only reduces the cost of construction, but also the life cycle cost. What makes these buildings more affordable. Principles of green building LEED certification also won the green building project.

It is an attempt to rediscover a culture of mixed use.

A project like this is an act of harmonization, the solutions adopted to meet the needs not only owners but also to visitors.

Images Credit: openbuildings