Designing Urban Landmark Project-3D Architecture

uraban landmark design

This project is an urban landmark was designed by Moira Architecture to Daireaux, province of Buenos Aires for the Milestone reference. This city landmark a provincial town competition Citation for the construction of a municipal reference Daireaux Landmark was the occasion of the centenary. Remember the landmark reference urban setting to celebrate the centenary of the game includes a dual obligation Daireaux. In the first case, leads us to how it should be a time to reflect historical reference. Secondly, however, deepening of crucial importance for the people, citizens, to understand their identity, culture and aspirations. A milestone is a fixed point of the civil recognition of symbolic meanings, they must identify. This is to reaffirm the common values ​​of society. Does his property, not just providing a communicative function to ensure. The architect for the memorial design from their community, including equalizer, the interpretation of their cultural traditions, the symbolic use and constructive. The foundation was not immediately deroense, but because of the continued population of members from different locations in different professions and with different skills through their wills, inventories, employment generating projects and has a basic action through time and create a certain identity of their diversity.

urban area landscape designurban landmark master plan

The architects believe that the symbolic value of the citizen should celebrate anniversary deroense each with its diversity and unique cultural characteristics that have shaped their identities honored. Design history has to intervene in two banks of different characteristics. The northwestern edge of almost all forms of the axis by the Club of the Fifth Municipal bank and ends with the Virgin Mary in the encounter with the road No. 65 is located. The southern edge is more intact and naturally.

Moira Architecture Landmark project aims to strengthen the current properties of the edges to emphasize the tree. We will provide some elements of a linear and uses historical sports and entertainment industry on the northwest side, while the south side we have a reforestation areas to use the harsh winter winds propose to protect.

urban landmark projecturban landmark constructionurban lanmark mapping

Moira Architecture a continuous and participatory basin sequence that contains the symbolic value and use areas for the enjoyment of the community. The bike path provides a linear path that the various elements and urban areas, including the stage to commemorate the 75 years since the establishment of links Daireaux, milestone centennial of the Virgin Mary, La Quinta City Bank Club, and new public space.

Moira Architecture the design of a series of labels, vertical elements to improve the access of the linear axis J. Carle. These factors are variable, in some way unique, and so from a different perspective. It was a sign of diversity remain an element in common during pregnancy. Used the device to various activities such as leisure, recreation and sport promotes development of the plurality of social relations and examines the appropriation of urban space by the community and visitors.

Moira Architecture chose the Construction of steel as the most representative symbol of an idea of ​​the city, is the permanent steel structure over time, economic and implies a very low maintenance costs.

Image Credit: Moira Architecture