How to retaining wall

DIY Retaining Wall Ideas

How to retaining wall
How to retaining wall

The construction of a border without using fasteners, spending only $ 400 galvanized on a DIY job system for pine sleepers.
The wall had to go home extensions blocking access to the court, and I had to go fast, “Frank said.

“I found the system to keep it a hardware store and liked how the posts are galvanized look with pine sleepers. I have the stop pin and a series of broad steps.

To start, set the line of the wall, excavation 200mm behind him, then using a laser or dumpy level to the finished height of the wall or the other end that fit a chalk line as a guide.

“Be sure to install drainage behind the wall with filter cloth Geotech, agflo pipe and gravel, Frank said.

TIP Check to be built without permission, the rules of the Municipal Council as a wall so high 1000mm.

“I went three high thresholds and opted for a thickness of 75 mm bed for strength and flexibility from wood.

“The contributions were concreted into the ground to a maximum of 2400 mm from the sandy place,” says Frank.

Measure the length from the wall mounting posts to match the size of the beds. Multiply to find the distances between the poles by the number of vertical cross what you need.

“I, I worked to cross 15 2400mm long, more than six of 1200 and 1800 mm for about 16 meters of wall with steps in a panel defined.