Earth Chapel - 3 Negrense artists build in Bacolod City

Earth Chapel Sustainable Solar Spirituality

Earth Chapel - 3 Negrense artists build in Bacolod City
Earth Chapel – 3 Negrense artists build in Bacolod City

Sustainable solar spirituality: Bacolod City gets an Earth Chapel that is all green. It is an unfortunate consequence of human history that religion and science have never seen views on various topics. It is understandable, but the fact that if the two of them stopped ridiculing others and began working toward a common goal, the world would be a much better place to live This is another case in point with the “Earth Chapel “with the news that has resulted in Bacolod City, Philippines.

The local community has met three of the best in the country when it comes to sustainable design and green architecture to create a green chapel that could be a model for many worldwide. Marisol Alquízar was instrumental in the design of the whole chapel and its structure, while Tagoy Jakosalem was the man behind the interiors and the flag of the chapel with alternative energy sources like solar power. To add to the current array of talent, Nunelucio Alvarado, one of the best artists in the country, who designed the unique crucifix for the chapel of the Earth.

Marisol Alquizar, Brother Tagoy Jakosalem and Nunelucio Alvarado – the three Negrense artists who built the “Earth Chapel,” a collaborative work anchored on their common advocacy of protecting the environment.

The chapel is entirely made of mud, bamboo, grass, old bottles and discarded wooden pallets that are no longer in use. Other materials used as well, but all are completely biodegradable and made from natural sources. The best thing is that there is a plastic smell. The chapel is also the first solar religious structure in the country of the Philippines and the built-in LED lighting technology, the chapel of the Earth really lives up to its name.

There can be nothing more spiritual than to reconnect with nature, as it helps to be closer to the author that people believe in. As mentioned above, with perfect faith that religion can be invoked with the solutions that science can offer , we can motivate most of the planet and produce a shift to a clean and sustainable future. It’s just a matter of mutual understanding!

Images Credit: mindanaoexaminer