Tea Houses

Eco Tea Houses

The tea house has love, or rather thoughtful been designated as the PosbankPavilion. He promises a better idea of ​​being closer to the touch of Mother Nature,because everything that went into his decision and almost anything else that the host itself is natural, and most importantly, environmentally friendly.

Tea Houses

The best part is that the whole building does not use even a grain of wood in its construction, so there is literally no damage to nature. Instead, it uses a cast concrete which originated from granules of rock wool and sheep to isolation.Second, have a sturdy roof, which can support the growth of vegetation andensure proper use of sunlight to generate solar energy. Apart from these featuresECOTIC regular, the house also displays simple ventilation systems, but impressive to maintain adequate circulation of air throughout the structure.

Images of Eco Tea Houses

It will transform the way you enjoy your daily cup of tea.

What else needs to feel closer to Mother Nature? A cup of hot tea, a well-maintained seating and an eyeful of the green majesty to heal all the nerves tiredof making your vision.

Images Credit: Trendhunter