Earthy Ecotourism Center in Fontainebleau France

Ecoturism Center In Fontainebleau, France by Inca Architectes

Earthy Ecotourism Center in Fontainebleau France. The structure has a unique design with a pitched roof and clean lines in the bottom half. Imitates the shape of the stones which fill the site eroded. The singleis still solid, made of wood, is a new concept, which was the first Combined with the new. The building has a modern design, but gives the atmosphere of earthlytime.

Earthy Ecotourism Center in Fontainebleau France
Earthy Ecotourism Center in Fontainebleau France

The arched roof construction offers excellent shape and glass doors line providedby the scale gives the structure of an open atmosphere. The walls were made ofthin strips of wood and a small space between two consecutive bands. Thisallows air and sunlight to stream into the house without compromising the privacyof residents. The structure allows you to enjoy the greenery around.

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So even if you live in the midst of a thick forest, they are sufficiently protected. The orientation of the building, minimizing the impact of the wind blowing outside. In addition, the building has shallow foundations, which guarantees the reversibilityof the projects. Moreover, the structure is powered by green energy sources. Inca architects designed this wonderful plan, and professionals, such as Capelandscape, surveyed, Alpine and Rostain cost structures and Mr. Forgue were hired to do. The practical structure that covers 250 square meters was built inSeine-et-Marne Tourism. This is the first ecotourism center built in the Ile de France.

Architects: Inca Architectes
Location: Fontainebleau, France
Design Team: Cap Paysage, Arpente, Alpes Structures et Rostain Coste, M. Forgue
Client: Seine et Marne tourisme
Budget: 1,000,000 € H.T
Surface Area: 5400 sqm converted; 250 sqm built

Images Credit: Inca Architectes