Egg Shaped Bed by Lomme

egg shaped

This futuristic egg-shaped bed called “Lomme” or “light on the evolution Spirit Matter” combines a shell natural state of the art form of sleep improved with a classic organic – egg. This contemporary design oval bed is the latest revolution in product design of furniture by Günther Thöny with Thony Project designed. an impressive innovation that won the coveted Red Dot Award for product design.

Taking as an index of two-year study published in The Science of Sleep, Lomme shapes the senses of sound (a fully integrated stereo system with iPod dock, the sound-absorbing protective arch of the shell), the (hidden LED, the user adaptedare to sunset and sunrise can be simulated), and tap (a massage system built into the mattress). This enviable luck with the pleasure of riding out of his egg diurnal very clean every morning you are confronted every day with every aspect of a child newly hatched chicks. This modern bed is to provide an environment that promotes all the senses – forming a place to rejuvenate, relax, meditate, and of course sleep.

Images Credit: Lomme bed