Green Power Center Architecture

Extreme Plans for Green Architecture

Here is a Extreme Plans for Green Architecture. Green is the latest trend and that trend has completely changed the way it is supposed that the world really be. This change is green very popular because it has no impact on the environment and the environment and reduce the chances of unique and super in the world. This green technology is being developed to meet the growing needs of the population and build a safer future and green for future generations. These days people are planning a large-scale ecological architecture so they can make the world a better place to live and green space to enjoy. Since this technology has evolved, there was nothing that could prevent new and, finally, we are able to get the technology that is ready to completely transform our world into a fantasy world.

Green Power Center Architecture
Green Power Center Architecture

Hopefully these plans come true green architecture and stunning designs we have in our country. Here is a list of seven shots from extreme ecological architecture.

1. Floating ecopolis Architecture

The “Floating Ecopolis” is actually a cool concept to address the effects of global warming worldwide. This is a cool city concept, designed by Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut. The artist thought of the idea if global warming continues to increase, there will be a sharp rise in sea levels and eventually destroy the low-lying islands like the Maldives. So he created this floating city concept plan to save the people. This city can accommodate 50,000 people and can provide adequate shelter for all. The central lagoon is made to collect fresh rain water.

2. Farming the sky Architecture

The sky is the limit and this design proves that perfection. The desert city of Abu Dhabi has focused on desalination plants for small people as a whole. So to answer the needs of the growing population of saltwater strong and effective vertical high is being built there. This is a fully green because it is made of green components and can be used effectively to collect the large amount of rain water to meet the needs of the population.

3. Greening the desert Architecture

The desert now becomes green to make the world greener. The largest desert on earth, the Sahara desert, is now used to build the largest solar power plant. The solar plant is under construction along the strip and is widely used to generate the high amount of electricity that can be used to meet the power needs of the country. Furthermore, the waste water leaving the plant will be used to irrigate desert plants and trees along the sides of the plant.

4. Zigging when the world is zagging Architecture

This is a cool concept plan for a green design and its surroundings. This green concept is developed by a company called Timelinks WATER. They came up with this great idea and unique way to build a green city that is composed of plants, trees and human beings with the latest technology. This is a positive step by the company towards a greener future.

5. Shimmer on the Moscow river Architecture

This project is being developed by the architect Norman Foster, the name is really known for his inspiring designs and impressive structures. Now, he tried to bring the world to a whole new level with its new and unique green concept. This project is called the Isle of Glass by the artist and is being built on the banks of the Moskva. This island is shaped in the tent, as the form that will last a few limited areas and reach a height of Empire State. The island consists of several museums, shops, theaters and other cultural and business fabric.

6. South Korea’s green power center Architecture

This is one of the best concepts of green South Korea has developed. This is really a town as small power being developed by the country. It shall consist of all basic services, such as a house, office, green surroundings and other basic needs. This is being built by a Dutch firm MVRDV architects. They do what the building structure, such as Hill to meet the energy needs of the population.

7. Towering ambition Architecture

China is always ready to do something new and unique in terms of life. Now come with an idea called green burning ambition to be built in Shenzhen. This tower was designed by a new architect Eugene Tsui California. The artist came up with this awesome design and put his concept was very popular and is currently under construction in Shenzhen. This tower, 2000 feet high will be built on an artificial island and consist of trees and plants and mangroves that surround it. This is being built with a pattern to filter water and provide drinking water for its inhabitants.