Tapis Rouge: A green installation by Marseillian artist. Worldwide eco-conscious designers create installations are emblematic of man’s connection with nature. Each installation is unique, but most important is the message conveyed by them. Generally, most of these facilities are created to go with the environment in the future by saving energy, etc., but installing VilledayGaelle Green, an artist based in Marseille, was created to celebrate 10anniversary art and nature programs Jaujac, a French city.

Tapis Rouge - A green installation by Marseillian artist

Tapis Rouge – A green installation by Marseillian artist

About 168 rolls of green grass 3.5 tons and extends for 1400 meters was breathless throughout the city. Like the red carpet this way the green carpet walk the streets, stairs, almost anywhere between the goal city.The All this work wascomposed entirely organic to link the villagers with the surrounding valley. The road itself is a piece of nature is designed to create a communion between manand nature through art.

It is developed by Marseilles based artist Gaëlle Villedary.

Images Credit: landezine