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Green Buildings: Bamboo Wing / Vo Trong Nghia

Vo Trong Nghia demonstrates versatility of eco friendly bamboo. Green Buildings: Bamboo Wing / Vo Trong Nghia. The trick lies in the design and fabric and all components extremely well so much so that there is no room for error. Architects of Vietnam, Vo Trong Nghia base, has completed the Flamingo Dai Lai design tourism in the province of Vinh Phuc use of bamboo as a structural material and finish. No metal was used, demonstrating that bamboo can be used to create buildings of exceptional beauty and robust.

Bamboo Wing
Bamboo Wing

Call Bamboo wing, the structure takes the form of wings of a bird, and demonstrates the versatility and flexibility of this abundant natural material. The building floats on the water in a graceful arc and symbolizes the ease with which the birds make their journey through the heavens. An open space is 12 meters vertical support. Instead, the pillars of the arch supporting the roof, providing an aesthetic space for ceremonies and live music concerts.


Vietnam is a country that is abundant bamboo. As such, Vo Trong Nghia proposal shows that architecture should not be limited to building materials such as concrete and metal, if not the only company to use the favorable ecological resources.


The station design is such that it facilitates natural ventilation, reducing the need for power hungry refrigerators and air conditioners. Since the structure facing the water, fresh air flows through the building. This is in addition to natural ventilation and makes occupants feel more close to nature.

The bamboo as a building material is quite resistant to earthquakes, as it teeters on the change of tectonic plates and is usually not collapse. Although this is the case, the injury is not as great as the concrete and the metal can inflict.

Architects: Vo Trong Nghia
Location: Flamingo Dai Lai Resort, Vinh Phuc province, Vietnam
Completion Year: 2010
Construction Area: 1,600 sqm
Photo credit (construction): Vo TrongNghia Co., Ltd.
Photographs: Hiroyuki Oki

Images Credit: Vo Trong Nghia