Holland House-Entrance

Holland House

Holland House-Entrance
Holland House-Entrance

Holland House in the City of London. Strictness and material scarcity in the war does not seem to have caused too many problems because the building has some nice details. Outside, a black granite ship by Joseph Mendes da Costa reflects the core business of the shipping business – even though they were involved in other areas such as steel and exploitation mining.

Rotate the corner on the front of the building and offers an extraordinary vertical composition. This is intention: the road was narrow, so it was the sight most visitors got. Today, however, the opposite side of the street was opened to serve the Piazza of Gherkin, allowing you to get before you get a better view. The brick glazed terracotta facade of the earth are located in Delft, which provides protection against smog and fire and transported to London on its own company ships of handing

a Strange Centenary Holland House. 2016 is a Centenary unusual for a building because 1916 was in the middle of the First World War. However, as the name suggests, Holland House in the City of London was built by a Dutch company, Wm H.Müller and Co. the Netherlands were neutral.

The architect was Dutch: Hendrik Petrus Berlage. A specialist guide in the Netherlands, is his only work in London and one of the first steelworks in Europe. It is no coincidence that he had visited the United States in 1911, where he was influenced by the steel frame buildings he saw there.

However, in 1919, he held with Müller and Co. The interior work was not entirely complete for a Belgian Henry van de Velde was responsible for mahogany paneling (wood of a company ships) and furniture.

Stained glass windows and lamps are the work of Bart van der Leck. He also designed the magnificent mosaics that paint the corridors on each floor.
In the lower floor, the lower part of the mosaic is a glorious navy, recalling the sea that was so in the heart of the inhabitants of activities.
The site is rather bulky: there is another building, Reputation House in the corner, because the owner would not sell to Müller. Berlage addresses some of the issues that arise with a central halo that brings daylight into the building.
Müller had long since ceased occupying the building. Later residents have removed most of the original features, but a restoration in 2007 that has helped highlight the very special way Holland House remains. Images Credit: Holland House