Unique Front House - by 51N4E Architects

Unique Front House – by 51N4E Architects

Huis aan ‘t laar by 51N4E Architects is located in small forest in Zoersel, Belgium. With small wood in the surrounding, the house stands solidly with charcoal black outer structure. The exterior design creates somewhat mysterious vibe about the house. In contrary, the interior is more sleek and stylish with steel and white painted wall dominating the design. To provide sun exposure to the house, plain square windows are equipped to the house. When the night comes, the house looks more like craved block with cavity inside.

Architects: 51N4E
Location: Zoersel, Belgium
51 N4 E Partners : Johan Anrys, Freek Persyn, Peter Swinnen
51 N4 E Team: Karel Verstraeten, Jan Opdekamp, Aline Neirynck, Paul Steinbrück
Area: 1,320 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: Filip Dujardin , Courtesy of 51N4E

Structural Engineering: BAS/ Dirk Jaspaert, All-Ingineering
Technical Engineering: Henk Pijpaert
Client: Vzw Monnikenheide
Budget: € 1,180,000
Site Surface: 4,800 sqm