IBA_Dock features rooftop solar thermal collectors and solar panels

IBA_Dock: Sustainable Building Construction

IBA_Dock features rooftop solar thermal collectors and solar panels
IBA_Dock features rooftop solar thermal collectors and solar panels

IBA_Dock paves way for self sustainable building construction. Company in Europe to reduce carbon emissions and develop the environment is well known. With the degradation of the environment as there is an urgent need to put things as they were. The country of Germany is busy working to achieve this goal by applying the rules and policies to return the current trends. The site is a Bauausstellung International Building Exhibition and Forum real-time search and development of seven projects that seek to bring a plan of development of carbon neutral city. IBA_Dock center or information, is what caught our attention with their renewable energy technologies and floating pontoon base.

The 13,454-square-foot pontoon was made of steel and modular homes that aim to find the management of solar energy and those that provide heating and cooling throughout the year. The structures of the roof with 16 solar thermal collectors with an area of ​​366 square meters facing south at an angle of 50 degrees to capture the heat as much as possible during the winter.

IBA_Dock – Floating Building Construction -The green

The energy absorbed by the sun through the collectors is transferred to an electric heat pump, which absorbs water from the Elbe through a heat generated in the dock. The system is compatible with the purpose of heating and cooling structures without the need for conventional AC and heating units. The excess energy is stored for later use. Moreover, the structures are equipped with heating and air conditioning ceilings to increase system efficiency. The heat pump has an output of 44 kW and works in conjunction with a machine ventilation for air exchange.

The pump is powered by PV, facing south, covering 1,108 meters square, a 30-degree angle and output of 14.8 kW peak power. The IBA_Dock dam construction should be completed in 2013 after starting in 2009.

Images Credit: iba-hamburg, immosolar