Ingenous Japanese Home 1

Ingenious Simply Japanese House

Ingenous Japanese Home 1
Ingenious Japanese Home 1

If you are the Japanese lover, you would like this kind of home so much. House of Kashiba is amazing Japanese home by Horibe Naoko Architect Office that designed for homey and comfort minimalist home.

Ingenous Japanese Home 2
Ingenious Japanese Home 2

The location of this building is in Kashiba-Shi with over than 85.58 square meters. The design of this house is full of mirror everywhere and the home founder plant a symbol tree in the courtyard over the bathroom. So, when you are bathing, you can enjoy the green leaves with sunlight spot on the branch tree.

Ingenous Japanese Home 3
Ingenious Japanese Home 3

The courtyard gives bright light over the house corner and keeping privacy for every people inside. The big window will give you into view an accent to the face yard while you can also see the inside part that link the exterior and interior of this house.

Ingenous Japanese Home 4
Ingenious Japanese Home 4

Can you imagine living in the building while you can see sunlight every time and breathe natural fresh air by seeing green tree inside your house? The exterior of this house is shaped like black box with square window on the south side. The design of ingenious black box is really amazing and smart. I like it so much, how about you?

Ingenous Japanese Home 5
Ingenious Japanese Home 5
Ingenous Japanese Home 6
Ingenious Japanese Home 6
Ingenous Japanese Home 7
Ingenious Japanese Home 7

Image Credit: Fresh Home