On the occasion of the year of Innovative Architecture Design, we celebrate an incredible innovation, architecture breathtaking and particularly daring projects through experiences and new events and exciting. Are you ready?

For decades, the Innovative Architecture Design has remained unchanged. While other industry indications taken from the start mentality are becoming increasingly popular in the technology industry, architects for dollars have stuck to the outdated practice of trading time. In a competitive global economy, this model is very sensitive to changes in the real estate market and limited growth opportunities. These circumstances have led some architectural graduates to consider alternative career paths in which their unique skills provide them with a competitive advantage.
In contrast to the current business model of most architectural offices, we met nine examples of architects who created innovative products and services. These efforts offer many benefits when it comes to the growth of a company because, unlike the consultation model, product creation is highly scalable and has the potential to deliver a continuous passive income stream.

1. Laboratory MIMA Innovative Architecture Design
Marta Brandão and Mário Sousa used their design skills to use an old idea: the prefabricated modular housing concepts. Too often tried to monetize the production of prefabricated buildings to less than stellar results Architectural. Fortunately, both conceptual produced by MIMA Lab houses, the house and the MIMA Essential, have come a long way from the likes of Levittown. Brandão Sousa and bring to the masses high design quality, to create their architectural expertise with a growing company.

2. Eric Reinholdt Innovative Architecture Design
Eric Reinholdt was for the first time realized his desire to build something of his own when a troubled economy forced him to take a pay cut while for a small business of six. At that time, he learned that many others do not realize that being used by someone else does not necessarily mean job security. Through its own design practice, 30X40 Design Workshop, Reinholdt now has the freedom to choose their own hours and experiment with alternative business models such as selling floor plans through the package. Reinholdt also wrote a book on the basis of their experience entitled architect + entrepreneur, in which he hopes to create a positive change in the industry.

3. Greg Henderson Innovative Architecture Design
Since he was at school, technologies have been designed by architect Greg Henderson to make more resistant buildings to natural catastrophes such as earthquakes. His research has led him to deepen the possibilities of the magnetic field of architecture and has recognized as the opportunity to develop an exciting retail product: the first hoverboard world. The commissioning of 19 people, Arx Pax, is working to improve the product for several years and is currently involved in a kickstarter campaign to finance more development.

4. Frank O. Gehry Innovative Architecture Design
Founded in 2002, Gehry Technologies was developed to adapt the technology used in the aerospace and automotive complex architectural forms. Not only Gehry Technologies has played a key role in developing the style of the architect, but also provided consulting services for the Beijing National Stadium of Duke and de Meuron, the Louvre Abu Dhabi Ateliers Jean Nouvel and many others.

5. Groups Bjarke Ingels Innovative Architecture Design
Bjarke Ingels has achieved great success in his own architectural practice, but that does not stop new ways of exploring for the design and development of products. In a joint effort, the Lab Friday, BIG and line, Ingels was inspired by the saddle roof for designing a lock that couples perfectly with your smartphone. With technology playing a role more and more important in our daily lives, Friday’s Smart Lock is just the beginning of a technological revolution in architecture that could significantly expand the scope of the profession.

6. Jonathan Segal Innovative Architecture Design
Jonathan Segal took a unique approach to developing his career in architecture through a vertically integrated business model for architecture. Through the pursuit has a successful career as a developer, Segal, what so many architects dream to do, and is able to finance his own projects and develop. In addition, Segal has enabled his unique success in a hybrid career and committed others to educate others through his architects as a developer seminar series.

7. Compaan and Toil Innovative Architecture Design
The B-AND-BEE project began to design two design companies, Compaan and Toil, a creative competition winning a temporary accommodation solution for music festivals. They then concluded with Achilles and Design A small step to start developing products that involved focus groups, prototypes and testing. Their innovative solution is stacked into honeycomb shaped honeycombs, which can be easily transported and disassembled. After we have already been tested in several music festivals, the team hopes to start mass production.

8. Archilogic Innovative Architecture Design
Architects are increasingly using digital tools for visualization and developing complex spaces, and much of our physical world only exists in two dimensions when it comes to the digital domain. Consisting of a team of professionals from a wide range of areas such as architecture, applied computing, 3D visualization, strategy, finance, law and marketing, Archilogic aims to fully replicate physical environments in the digital world. With their bundled expertise, they are ready to offer digital modeling services that are in high demand as the digital 3D environments become commonplace.

9. Architecture Zero Innovative Architecture Design
Architecture Zero focuses on the research and action-oriented urban design strategy while seeking to develop innovative and collaborative processes, to change the built environment. One of their latest projects, entitled Wiki house, brings the concepts of open-source technology used in coding and software development and applies to architecture and construction. This system uses digital manufacturing to allow anyone to download and “print” its own set of parts for a custom home, low cost and high performance.

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Images Credit: Innovative Architecs