Tree House Kauai_a557-Lush Green

Lush Green: The Kauai Tree House in Hawaii

This Kauai Tree House built in Hawaii is a solid, durable and comfortable. It has stunning views of forests and nature lovers will love. The idea of building green Tree House is commendable. You can have a place to escape without too many crazy things. On the other hand, do not cut trees, while protecting the environment. The construction of the Tree House is solid and well built in a tree, do not feel limited at all.

Tree House Kauai_a557-Lush Green
Tree House Kauai_a557-Lush Green

Facts about the structure: Lush Green: The Kauai Tree House

The upper floor of this house in the tree to the height of 30 feet and the surface is approximately 140 square feet of solid wood structure is very robust. The long stairs wrapped around the tree are not deficient. The solid base of the tree house is built around the thickest part of the tree trunk. Many branches of the tree which protrudes just below the base of the house, giving adequate support and stability.Three planks placed around the trunk. The first two are used for stairs with handrails. The spiral staircase is constructed and wrapped around the tree trunk thicker. The last table and the higher the wooden floor for the home. There is a bridge at this level also.

To gaze outside: Lush Green: The Kauai Tree House

Its windows are very interesting – and hexagonal crystal, equipped stain color.Which brings us to its beauty, is that different parts of vessels were cracked in spots and not all have the same color. There are three windows and a skylight point for those who can not miss the brightness of the moonlight night when they are inside the tree house. In addition, these windows light the interior with sunlight during the day.

Scenic residential: Lush Green: The Kauai Tree House

The outside view of the lush vegetation is breath taking. The mess, full of trees, shrubs, plants and herbs really isolated from the noise and transportation for residents of the city filled with people from another world. The burly brings cool breezes and soothing scent of nature. Not to mention the skylight in the ceiling, has the most spectacular view of the trees to the right and above you. The vision of this group of trees and leaves a layer above your house is fascinating. Another view is fascinating from the deck of the tree house. Look at the forest stretched in front of you while enjoying the peace and isolation. Living in the open air brunch platform with a good cup of chocolate or eat with his family here.

About the artist Tree House

Jay Nelson is a talented artist who studied Fine Arts at Bard College and the University of California for the Arts. His works are exhibited in numerous galleries and is also associated with other artists. This tree house built by him is very witty and truly a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. It was built along the north shore of Kauai in the winter of 2011. It was created to Daize Shayne and Aamion Goodwin. Some of these works are others Ukiah tree house, camper Honda scooter, molluscs submarine, graphite drawings and camper boat. He is very talented and his work is simple and functional.

Images Credit: jaynelsonart: Kauai Tree house