Maysan Towers Architecture in Reem Island dhabi

Maysan Towers in Reem Island, Abu Dhabi

Maysan Towers two new high-rise buildings in the district of sustainable development of Maysan, Reem Island in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Structures of combining sophisticated strategies with sustainable approaches sanctified greenand support the cultural specificity of Abu Dhabi. The world-renownedarchitectural firm and interior design of the structures of two green DWP.

Maysan Towers Architecture in Reem Island dhabi

Maysan Towers are planned to give a touch of green for the growing city of AbuDhabi. In fact, buildings are supposed to give a deep green agenda morecoveted in the country. The buildings will be carried out with 38 and 36 stories withthe state of the art residential facilities, living spaces, conference rooms, hallways, swimming pools and others.

The design is actually inspired by the natural landscape of Al Ain, the Garden Cityof the Gulf. The spectacular highlight architectural wonder rock shelters, green oases and flat high mountains. Well, everything will have a light green button, say the designers of large-scale project.

Images of Maysan Towers in Reem Island

Maysan Towers Architecture in Reem Island
Maysan Towers Architecture in Reem Island_abu_dhabi
Maysan Towers Architecture in Reem Island_abu_dhabi

The architectural design theme draws influence from the unique natural topography of Al Ain.

Maysan Towers will cover a total area of 64,500 square meters. The design of theproject so far has been with the best price Cityscape future residential development, last year.

Project construction began in lush green last summer. Once ordered, will definitely be one of the largest and holistic green residential complex in the world. The UAE government can show Maysan Towers as part of its effort to reduce carbon footprint.

Images Credit: Architter