McDonald Coolsingel 44 Mei Architects-Lighting

McDonald Coolsingel 44 Mei Architects

McDonald Coolsingel 44 Mei Architects-Lighting
McDonald Coolsingel 44 Mei Architects-Lighting

McDonald Coolsingel 44 Best in Europe

McDonalds invited Mei architects and urban planners to design a new building at this point with a character in agreement with the Coolsingel and the wealth of the historic environment. After a very fast construction time by two months a spectacular new pavilion now shines in the heart of Rotterdam.
Connection with the city
The new volume of the building has been carefully detailed and articulated Mei to open a look at the monumental post behind her. As a result, the pavilion kernel as compact as possible, with glass facades around. A fully transparent lobby with entrances on three sides, it makes it seem as if the public space flows through the building.
In order to strengthen the connection between the pavilion and its surroundings, the outdoor terrace will have the same furniture in other public places in the city of Rotterdam.
View from Coolsingel
Counter and kitchen on the ground floor. A piece of steel spiral staircase leads from the entrance hall to the first floor living room. From there you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Coolsingel.
A pavilion seems – day and night
As the historic buildings of the region, the cottage has a richly articulated facade of a single material: gold anodized aluminum. This friendly material and elegant looking and durable vandalism at the same time.
As a McDonalds day and night (24/7) opened its appearance after dark is important. After days of building loads for shoppers as it glows in the night to win the amount nightlife. The brass skin with heart-shaped openings pierced to form a “sail” around the glass building by the light shines. With the application of different degrees of perforation, brass facade is a crowd on the Coolsingel. For the new McDonald’s for the people of Rotterdam, who now have another reason to be built in their city proud.
Integrated control boxes
The various Feeders for utilities and traffic control systems, always a terror on the road, are integrated into the building. In addition, the integration of the lighting in the front road safety will improve. Technical facilities are integrated into the roof, which is designed as a fifth facade.

Images Credit: mei-arch

Project McDonald Coolsingel 44

  • Design: mei architects and planners
  • Location: Coolsingel 44, Rotterdam, Nederland
  • Client(s): McDonald’s Coolsingel 44
  • Team: Robert Winkel , Menno van der Woude , Michiel van Loon , Robert Platje , Ruben Aalbersberg ,
  • Structural engineer: Adviesbureau Roelen , Eersel
  • MEP: Sweegers & de Bruijn , ‘s-Hertogenbosch
  • Interior design: Niv003 , Gent, BELGIE
  • Façade engineer: Glasimpex , Schiedam
  • Façade engineer: VPT Versteeg , Heusden
  • Fire safety: Grontmij , Rotterdam
  • Uitvoering: BVR groep , Roosendaal
  • Completion: march 2015