MEI Architecture's Block 11

MEI Architecture’s Block 11 is Cultural and Eco-Conscious

MEI Architecture fuses an eco friendly design with culture for ‘Block 11’. Modern architecture is very different from that followed for centuries. The existing buildings incorporate a number of clean lines with a minimalist approach. It also takes into account the importance of using building materials environmentally friendly. If you look closely you will notice that several modern settlements are vented solar roof gardens and large windows that are strategically placed to facilitate the movement of wind and natural lighting. So what about the old and new? Well, get ready to discover the architecture MEI with garage located in Almere, Netherlands.

MEI Architecture's Block 11
MEI Architecture's Block 11

The architects chose to combine the practice of modern architecture designs prevalent centuries ago. The result is an interesting piece of work that has attracted the admiration of many sectors. At first glance, you will think you’ve stumbled upon a structure that dates from the time of the pharaohs of Egypt.However, close examination reveals that this is a building that incorporated native image in the province of Flevoland in the Netherlands, including birds, garden gnomes and windmills.

The garage called Block 11 is part of the expansion plans of Almere Buiten. It has a parking capacity for 413 vehicles, and incorporates many natural elements in their construction. In addition to images designed in the front, what is interesting is perforated panels used to build this innovative garage. The panels are stretched by a technique commonly used in the automotive industry. The result is a front semi-transparent, wherein the perforations to facilitate ventilation and the entry of natural light.

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MEI Architecture fuses an eco friendly design with culture for ‘Block 11’

The unique architecture of the building creates the illusion of an open space especially at night, where foreigners can look through the panels. The exterior walls also include holders of plants not usually seen in these facilities. MEI innovative design architecture has been praised for its combination of environment and aesthetics, and we only wish more architects come up with ideas that surprising.

Images Credit: MEI Architecture’s