Feldman Architecture - Mill Valley Cabins

Mill Valley Cabins: Feldman Architecture

Spring never ceases at the Mill Valley hillside cabins. Mill Valley Cabins is a beautiful hill and the house of his people wanted their homes to have something more in terms of green. Feldman chose to hire architecture to design two small cabins for your current home in Mill Valley,California. These cabins accessory buildings that would create a space for an artist’s studio and practice of yoga. You can even serve as private cabanas.

Feldman Architecture - Mill Valley Cabins
Feldman Architecture - Mill Valley Cabins

The images clearly show the efforts of the cabins to make them blend naturally with the environment. Both cottages are located between the existing trees,without having to upgrade much of the landscape. Its orientation is such that both capture and sees a very different environment, which is an added advantage as it saves people from the monotony.

Mill Valley Cabins by Feldman Architecture.

Spring never ceases at the Mill Valley hillside cabins.

Now to the aspects of the cottages that make them worthy of the green label. The tall building with windows overlooking the roof of the building below and, therefore, stood a beautiful garden. Not only is it fun to watch a show, but plants do to the environment temperature, keeping it natural. Wherever you look around the site are the gardens. It is as if the spring continues to complete at home. Feldman Architecture have designed two small cabins as accessory buildings for an existing home in Mill Valley, California.

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Images Credit: joefletcherphoto