Modern Contemporary House In Vienna With Exterior The Meadow

Exterior Modern Contemporary House In Vienna Interior

My house is a palace. A modern, minimalist house is now a dream for everyone, not exaggerated, but it’s pretty simple, does not need big, important enough to family to protect against heat, rain and more pleasant place to live. A modern and contemporary house with a beautiful meadow surrounded consists of four levels, indicating the earth for three and a bedroom on the ground. Transitional nature of the materials used in the facade of the upper floor gives the appearance of being wet, the drift region. Traffic movement on the ground floor consists of elements, semi-transparent polycarbonate is. On the roof, the patch is from the lower pastures in the rolling green woven from office. Grassy green fields interspersed with multi-level space swooshes transitory.

The spatial design of modern interiors tend to simple shapes, functional and geometric in an area to be painted far from worry-kink kink unnecessary.Expression of visual continuity for menerusan dominant impact on the impression of a room more. The window is a constant ebb and flow with a distance of only a few inches above the ground, the impression of light, to give a modern and minimalist.The ground floor living room and dining room in the park in a sweeping motion as applied generously. The show consists of a square inside and out. The building contains curves furniture, swimming pool and a terrace with rounded corners.

Images Credit: hurnaus