walls covering by Q BO

Modern Decorative Marble Tile for Walls Covering by Q-BO

decorative marble tile for walls covering by Q BO
decorative marble tile for

Modern decorative marble tiles for Walls Covering only Q-BO. The design with its sweet honey comb covered with delicate floral details. Now the appearance of a Walls Covering is the main point of modern houses with tiles like these, it is easy to see why. You can use the natural beauty of these tiles by it seem to explore in your favorite room to natural, but elegant.

Available in colors such as white Carrara, Crema moon or dark slate and clay Ligure with a polished or natural, the possibilities are endless decoration for your home. The hall, bedroom and bathroom could benefit from the lighter tones, library, dining room or den with tile shade. These large squares of about 9 by 19 inches, ideal for Walls Covering on large areas. Your walls will be dressed to impress.
Image Credit: Q-BO Walls Covering