tatami room japan

What is your idea, if you be fair about Japan? Perhaps the first thing that our mind has a lounge, the Japanese activities center living room a beautiful interior design, furniture style and natural materials, has warm came, minimalist interior design and offers the flexibility to new multi-purpose space that maximize the space . create
Japanese room dividers and screen divider is made of paper shoji screens, or even allow an indirect lighting in a room and was able to create privacy is made also commonly used for interior walls between Japanese and a room to create in the other as a living room, kitchen or bedroom.
Another feature that is based in modern Japanese salons to traditional Japanese design elements could be found, living room interior tokonoma, an exhibition of Japanese art, which is a simple view of living room, such as painting, the arrangement, or ikebana, the art of Japanese calligraphy. Tatami, the traditional Japanese floor mats made from rice straw. Fusuma, Japanese sliding screens, which are usually made of wood and paper or fabric. living room