New Alexander McQueen store in Los Angeles

William Russell designed the new Alexander McQueen, New Alexander McQueen store in Los Angeles

Alexander McQueen store on Melrose Avenue, a new building, designed by Pentagram Architect William Russell. William Russell, the new Alexander McQueen store in Los Angeles has designed. The flagship store is based on Melrose Avenue on the corner of Melrose Place and is the latest in a recent expansion by McQueen, Russell designed stores opening in Las Vegas, Moscow, seen in Bahrain, Osaka and Vilnius. Stores the language of interior design by Russell and McQueen for the original three flagship stores in London, Milan and New York created, creating a brand experience space full of drama and intrigue. The theatrical quality of the interior, inspired by McQueen fashion show compliments the unique clothes while the limited palette of materials and enable the precise details of the collection feature. The Los Angeles store is unique for two main reasons. Mainly because it was a new development project on a vacant lot, Russell is able to form the exterior and the interior, the first new design for McQueen. In close cooperation with the owner, he created a streamlined building in stucco and curved glass on the street with a large courtyard behind. The second point of difference is the installation of a large sculpture by Robert Bryce Muir. Visitors to the store by the feet and legs of the piece with the title “Angel of the Americas, suspended by a skylight above the entrance welcomed. With his head and shoulders before loading the figure appears to hover.

All photos by Benny Chan

Images Credit: Pentagram , Alexander McQueen ,  square-mag