Steel House Organic Architecture Concepts

Organic Architecture Concepts

Steel House Organic Architecture Concepts
Steel House Organic Architecture Concepts

Before going through the Organic Architecture Concepts. Here we come Some knowledge of what organic architecture buildings. The organic conceptual architecture was invented by Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959). Although never well articulated by his cryptic manner of writing.

So, here I stand before you to preach organic architecture. declare examples Organic architectural concepts of buildings and the characteristics of being modern, ideal And education, if necessary. If we want to see the whole life. And now serve The whole life, traditions, without essential to the great tradition. Also, any preconceived shape fixation advocates either past, present or future. But praise the simple laws of healthy human understanding or super-sense, if you prefer, Determining the shape of the nature of the materials. Ref: Wikipedia
So the architects here see some interesting examples of organic architecture Building. So delete your doubts on the concept of organic architecture, and how To the best buildings with the characteristic organic architecture.

These 12 examples of organic architecture have some of the ways designers
Transforming a lot of learning a little to bend. Architect and visionary Robert Bruno has been building since its organic, fantastic, Metal steel since 1974. Overlooking a cliff near Lubbock, Texas, the giant Structure grew from a thick metal tripod rays to a massive accumulation of Oxidized steel – 110 tons final word! Like a living being, the house of Bruno Continue to grow and develop. Above is a full view of the house, which is influenced by the Spanish as some strikes Surrealist artist Salvador Dalí and Antoni Gaudí. The steel can not sound very organic, but no ferrocement – a strong earthquake Very soft material, when wet, but exceptionally durable when hardened. Senosiain Arquitectos ferrocement used to build the nautilus-like over the house for a Mexican Couples who wanted something, well, a little different. They have more than just a little – The swirling structure, similar to snails, like no other house, inside or outside. Start in 2006 cost a reasonable amount of € 160,000 (just over $ 200,000) to build Let us suppose that in her life would be a real journey, so to speak. A possible drawback, however, Would look for an attack from a huge recluse for new excavations. Organic architecture is hardly a new trend, even with shelters and structures Built in pre-industrial time. If we only look at “modern” architecture

Casa Mila in Barcelona, Spain, would have accessories for his boldness to buy Originality. Designed by Antoni Gaudí supra, the Casa Mila was built Between 1906 and 1912 with a complete renovation carried out in the 1980er years. The building, also known as La Pedrera or “The Quarry” has a strange stone Sculpture gardens on the roof that would also have been scandalous was not a city The planners have put their collective foot out of their hands. A last lingering look at the Casa Mila focuses on a timeless model Figures on the roof. The design, while being shocking from the early 20th century, In good with the style of today – or one in 2008 before Christ. After Gaudí broke the mold, other artistic architects took the ball and organic Ran with him. A perfect example of this is the Einsteinturm in Potsdam, Germany. Designed by Erich Mendelsohn in the depths of the Second World War the tower was opened in 1924 and Still used as a solar observatory. According to Otto Friedrich, author of before the flood, a portrait of Berlin in the In 1920, Mendelsohn was a little nervous Einstein took off from the on a detailed tour Finish the round. The celebrated genius was quiet for a few hours. after all In his opinion of the Baukommission, Einstein whispered

The word “organic” evokes images of creatures, and the Hundertwasser house Vienna reflects this definition of soil contains, grass and trees Structure. The house – actually a series of 52 apartments and offices – was built in The early 1980s by the architects Prof. Joseph Krawina and Peter Pelikan. the buildings organic spills onto the road in the form of a wavy road that Ramp up and even a decorative fountain. “I need a fighter, a lover of the room, a stirrer, a tester, and a wise man Temple of the Spirit, a monument! “Thus wrote Hilla von Rebay, art consultant to Solomon R. Guggenheim, architect Frank Lloyd Wright in 1943. The “temple” that came out Wright Imagination is the notable Guggenheim Museum adjacent to New York Central Park. Wright then commented that “I can think of several desirable places in the world To build this great museum, “evidently felt that the world city was noisy, Overloaded and overfilled. It is a bit ironic that the Guggenheim has become Permanent symbol of New York and Wright himself. No discussion about Frank Lloyd Wright and the organic architecture would be without Mention the magnificent Falling House near Pittsburgh, PA. Created by Wright For Edgar Kaufmann Sr. Kaufhaus in 1935, the project took 2 years Complete and cost $ 155,000 – a considerable sum in the dark years of the Great Depression And that equals 2.3 million today.

Fallingwater was that for its time revolutionary, instead of pushing aside nature, Wright was embedded in the heart of the house. For many, Falling embodies This architecture can and should. It is inspired with the house Ayn Rand Writing his epic novel, Urquell. The view above show Falling in summer (Left) and winter (right).

Organic architecture of a different kind is represented by the bubble house With the Antti Lovag and bought in 1990 by Pierre Cardin Illuminated by the warm sun Côte d’Azur in France, the design was described by some as “a party house, two Hallucination parties. As the home of Robert Bruno Steel in Lubbock, the bubble house is a work in progress Which is still unfinished 38 years after the construction was begun. Things dragged As long as the rich French industrialists, who offered the house existed Far, so to enter Pierre Cardin and buy the structure at bargain price – In the range of $ 3 million!

The soft, rounded appearance of the house and other bubble Drawings are reminiscent of Roger Dean’s album cover. An English artist and artist Famous designer to futuristic city views displayed on Ja and Osibisa album Blankets made a further step to bring his ideas to live in reality. Dean “Home for Life” is a rebellion of the organic forms inside and outside. in contrast to Other drawings mentioned here, dean of ideas are achievable, feasible and high Living. The project began with Dean’s desire to create a crib based on security And security from the perspective of a child. It is fair to ask: organic architecture should it be green? Well, its environment Friendly is one thing, but the creations of Patrick White are really green – superimposed With a living carpet of plants and shrubs! As we have seen in the Musee du Quai de Paris Branly, White brings buildings to life in the shadow of the Eiffelturm. As seen above in the enlarged views of the Quai Branly Museum, White weaves Green in the walls so effortless, it seems as if it grew there naturally. In Paris, one of the best known examples of organic architecture, In the early 70s was the Center Pompidou Exoskeleton. Certainly, from the inside out appearance of the building Closes the look of an exoskeleton, but the freeding canals and beams also recall it, An anatomical drawing. Can not be much organic than that! Last but not least, a huge project should dominate the Mumbai skyline, India. “Waves” will be 80 stories rising in the skies and offering incredible residents View of the Indian Ocean from its delicate scalloped balcony. Sanjay architect Puri took the crests of the waves of the ocean as his inspiration, expressed in the hilly Balconies linearly through each floor. The extravagant style of Waves It seems to defy the laws of physics.

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