Outdoor and Indoor Modern Canopy Bed by MASH studios

Here we post canopy bed with solid teak MASHstudios. Thank you to the perfect design, which read as indoor and outdoor use, such as on your patio or pool. Today, the four-poster bed has become popular again. With the name of the PCH series is simply the natural-looking bed design, so you put in your bedroom minimalist interior.

MASH Studios for years perfecting the ultimate context, the ethereal and the result is breathtaking, as expected. The line was designed to easily accommodate the earth with its natural color, is the canopy from sustainable, high-quality teak oil with a natural and nontoxic for the maintenance of the brilliant cover. For those who love to design single bed, modern features in a minimalist style, but fits like a bed on the outside or inside, the SSP will set a good answer. I like the idea of ​​hanging a curtain of silk layer to add the romantic touch. You can connect to the studio Mash for more information on this great product.

Images Credit: Mash studio Canopy Bed