Play Nature: Physical - Maket Model

Play Nature: The Art of Sustainable Living by M Melissa Lee Design

Play Nature: A futuristic retreat for learning the art of sustainable living by M Melissa Lee Design. Have you ever thought about the correlation between the sedentary lifestyle of children and the future implications that might have? Well, if you stop and think a moment you will realize that the lack of interaction with the outside areas can be left unaware of the goodness of a longer life. Theme around this concept, the designer Myunghee Melissa Lee came up with the idea of “Nature Play”, a sustainable retirement.


Play Nature: Physical - Maket Model


It is expected that nest in the center of this beautiful country of Costa Rica in Central America, this family has been specially designed to serve families with preschool children. The station is divided into four main segments: a lobby, a pool, a kitchen and a cafeteria.

Give personal attention to each of the segments mentioned above, we will discuss their individual character. When you reach the lobby, you will be able to explore the views of the forest beyond the station and also enjoy dinner and rest.This is where you provide any information about the program and the activities that the resort will offer.

The pool comes when you cross the aisle and that is lying on the roof of the hall, the nuances of the pool. Teach your children healthy ways to eat by cooking meals from local ingredients harvested in the kitchen. These meals are served in the coffee in the kitchen, where several families can interact with each other.

Talk Factor Sustainable integrated into the complex structure, which is where the real learning of their children will begin. The villa is kept cool with the help of the water channels in the ceiling. The structure has slats and openings that allow sunlight coming through, so that the interior with natural light. Sliding windows and slate roofs of the free plan allows free air circulation.

Believe it or not, but banana leaves were the main inspiration for the design of complex natural structure. If this project is ahead of the day will undoubtedly be of great help in teaching their children the basics of sustainable living.

Images Credit: Play Nature: Melissa Lee Design