Portable Tree Houses

Portable Tree Houses Work in Any Environment

Portable Tree Houses Work in Any Environment. Unlike a traditional tree house, pulling mimics the shape and form of a tent and a hammock. Is made of a collapsible frame of straps which are fire retardants, UV PU and water resistant polyester filling panels, and stingy odd inverted pyramids with cords of each of its three points. These wires can be attached to trees or can also be directed to the base of the Tentsile. The only point of contact with the ground allows a level of comfort with a floor in almost any terrain.

Portable Tree Houses
Portable Tree


To have a tree house, this is the dream of every child. Sometimes that dream stays with us, even in adulthood. There is a certain appeal to have their own space in the trees and trying to get close to nature. Tree house combines all things children and adults: fun, outdoor activities and a sense of well being. Unfortunately, not everyone lives in areas with mature trees, putting a damper on things for our dreams arboreal monkeys. But thanks to a team of designers and their creation called Tentsile popular, urban amenities than their counterparts in the field have been doing for years. The tree house is a creative versatile notebook that can be mounted in less than half an hour and set up everywhere.

The Tentsile elevated position offers protection against the cold ground, snakes, insects and other predators as well. It comes in three models that can accommodate two people, five and eight, including the last one is big enough for a double bed. The three arms of the cell tree house containing a hammock with a separate storage space and weighing 35-45 kg.

The Tentsile addition to being a valuable recreational area, can also be used by biological researchers who need to move through nature. Its moderate weight allows you to be done relatively easily, making it perfect for nature lovers.

Images Credit: treehugger