the table would be an amazing addition to your modern, futuristic or even art-deco dining room

Quantum is Modern Dining Table With Unique Legs

Quantum is a dining table by Jason Philips that interprets what the movement or path of subatomic particles might look like
Quantum is a

This table is as if the particles move more in the top. Quantum is interpreting a table from Jason Phillips, the motion or what the path might look like the subatomic particles. Thick steel wire is formed by hand, then coated with black powder and it forms the basis for a high lacquered orange corian. We already have a few other tables with legs unusual seen, but it is unique in its unusualness and simplicity at the same time. Such a piece would draw the attention of your guests, despite the simplicity of the above. This table would be a tremendous addition to your modern dining room or even futuristic art-deco are.

Images Credit: centralfurnitures