Here is a Regeneration of Life through this TREE OF LIFE @ KLCC 3D Architecture by Koh Hau Yeow Architects. The talented designer Koh Hau Yeow has come up with an exclusively green design for the proposed development at Kuala Lumpur City Center (KLCC) park in Malaysia. This is the design of an architectural wonder called TREE OF LIFE @ KLCC. The rich landscape here allows an interactive space between an urban and a natural formation, where innovative design could easily fit into this creative design manager of life is proposed to use the area of ​​fluid from the park in the concept, so the development of an ecological habitat for residents, while welcoming many areas of retail parking and workplaces.

TREE OF LIFE @ KLCC 3D Architecture by Koh Hau Yeow

TREE OF LIFE @ KLCC 3D Architecture by Koh Hau Yeow

Inspired by the ancient mythological concepts, this design is created to be a tree of life that provides food and livelihoods of people living around the monument structure. It is proposed that an ecological landmark that dominates the earth, while flowers with their roots in the park. The structure is designed to facilitate movement around the site and create a seamless connection to the park with the arteries and places. For the future, a bridge from Plaza was created to pushed into the green and as an extension of it, a ladder is made directly to a person of walking to the signature restaurant on the 7th floor and gym.

Images of  TREE OF LIFE @ KLCC 3D Architecture


It extends along the bridges nodal landscaped buffer to the environment and other activities of the congregation, and green links are reproduced here as sky gardens and terraces. The design focuses on the use of natural light in a strategic manner, and infusing perfection in all the gaps of the bulk structure. Full height glazing to reduce direct glare and heat production in the interiors of the facade.Terraces in the sky building cross ventilation air, and interstitial spaces act as gateways. There are also a rain water systems and water recycling installed to make the structure more green.

They are also waterlogged and design elements with feature walls in several places. People can enjoy a variety of fitness and recreational activities in the private garden of heaven on the 23rd floor, which houses various facilities. The vegetation and landscape are all soft and vibrant structure in the heart. The site offers a wonderful view across the horizon of the Petronas Twin Towers KLCC park with a wonderful backdrop. In itself, TREE OF LIFE @ KLCC aims to become an icon of a gathering of community green spaces for relaxation and rejuvenation that complement the environment of the park.

Images Credit: Koh Hau Yeow KLCC