Renovation of an Apartment Interior by Decorating YLAB arquitectos

Bathroom Interior at Apartment
Bathroom Interior at
This project includes the renovation of the interior of a dwelling by YLAB Architects in an old building in the heart of the traditional district of Barcelona designed. The mind is a comprehensive response to the architecture of a room with two main objectives: the light and ventilation to maximize the facade in order to eliminate unnecessary partitions and a new distribution that all the necessary includes the owner of her childhood bedroom with en-suite and bedroom, studio work, kitchen and dining room for parties and conferences use. To the exposure they need to provide a structural intervention that maximize eliminated interior walls and structure of the wall directly behind the rear cover, which is essential for optimal use of light lead. The new route is the large common areas and quiet, which is continuous from front to front, and semi-enclosed private boxes are formed through the next room and bathroom. The area usually consists of living room, dining room, library, workshop and lounge in the back and a kitchen in the front. The whole area extends along the parallel walls of the handful of bricks. The space between is a tall cabinet with a cabinet located in the hallway and have a bedroom with double bed, cupboard and the wooden core that contains two large bathrooms, furniture with shelves in the study area. This piece of furniture to two large wooden doors that conceal allow the independence of the two different areas: a bedroom, separated from the general area, and the sample contains a sofa bed so that the use of time as a soul apartment living wood. Cruz scores with clear glass sliding doors to the connection of lighting, ventilation and visual spaces between them allow supplemented. Inside, all interior surfaces, including roofs and floors help with Bisazza mosaic of colors and mirrors.Health and devices are exposed to or independent, a sense of transparency. The result is multiplied by a series of light and reflection of light and transform the bathroom into a bright and elegant, unlike the rest of the apartment warm and easy.

Images Credit: Raúl Candales Apartment