River Bank House Architecture

River Bank House / Balance Associates Architects

The sustainable ‘River Bank House’ nestled amidst the pristine Mountains of Montana. The inhabitants of the house are people who love social clients, entertainment and therefore, the balance of Associated Architects, designed the house to serve well, creating as much privacy as possible. Moreover, since it is one of the most pristine places, it was essential that the natural ecology of the area was left intact. And of course we can not fail to mention that the house is a durable structure, maximizing sunlight that illuminates the room.

River Bank House Architecture
River Bank House Architecture

Sometimes I envy the inhabitants of the house, going to wake up to the best view of the river that flows nearby, listening to the writhing and struggling, is coming your way. Meanwhile, it also manages to maintain a good orientation to the sun, allowing it to penetrate every corner of the house during the winter and keep it in the summers. The big roof over the living room colors, large glazed areas that otherwise would have taken the house, very hot. There are geothermal heat pumps and other high-level facilities that keep the house warm in winter and make the home environment efficiently.

River Bank House by Balance Associates Architects

The house has two main residential areas, one for guests and other life skills. Area customers can be separated from the rest of the house when not in use. Although I’m sure that customers do not want to leave behind the spectacular views and comfort.

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Images Credit: Steve Keating