Ways To Make Your Bedroom More Romantic

The first step in falling in love is lust. The kind of attraction that weakens our legs beats and suppresses our appetite. Chemicals like testosterone, serotonin, and dopamine flow into our brains, making us more energetic and motivated. Dopamine has a special effect on the senses – it helps us to get rid of the excitement, to increase the sexual desire and to strengthen our mood. Just thinking about this special person makes us happier. It’s nice and addictive in its own way – it’s not surprising that we want those feelings.

The release of serotonin gives us a rosy vision of our lover and we often think that we have a closer or more specific connection than any other couple. It is this “blindness of love” that makes us want to stay together and enter the next level of love, attachment.

During the binding phase, we release oxytocin, a strong chemical called hug hormone. Oxytocin deepens the feeling of attachment and, when it is mutually exclusive, leads to that exciting state that we all yearn to fall in love with.

Our rooms are the epicenter of our romantic relationships. Some aspects can affect or destroy the romantic mood in a room. But what is the psychology behind romanticism and why do we long for romantic love?

Romantic valentine flowers bedroom

Romantic valentine flowers bedroom

What Create a romantic bedroom ?

1. Let’s start with your bed.

It has to be as attractive as possible. Large ironed pillows and crisp, freshly laundered bedding, all beautifully done, are indispensable to make your bed attractive. Think of a 5-star hotel!

2. It is also important to clean everything that is overloaded.

You want to make your bed the main feature, and the mess will simply distract you. If you want to use your bedroom as a “floating bathrobe”, you should clean up now.

3. Creating a romantic lighting in your Bedroom can make the difference.

Make sure your ceiling light is off – it can not be as flattering as it is too bright. Use soft bedside lamps or groups of tealights in beautiful safes to create the mood. If they smell light, so much the better. White is a much more romantic color than red for lighting, which has been shown to lead to stress rather than desire.

4. Romance and desire are closely related to your sense of smell.

In addition to fragrant tea lights, you can also use a kiss mist, a scent plug-in or just a twig of your after-shave, or a scent on the pillows and around your bed. Do not overdo it, one or two, especially if they are familiar, the desire is triggered.

5. Spray your bed with a few rose petals.

This does not have to be the case: you can buy artificial petals or use flower-shaped confetti. When your Bedroom is at the top, sprinkle some petals up the stairs and the other side of the landing towards your Bedroom. It will show both romance and intention.

romantic dinner in bed

romantic dinner in bed

6. Keep the atmosphere and atmosphere focused on intimacy and passion.

Put ironing boards, clothes dryers and other household appliances out of sight. Also save children’s toys.

You may not feel the need to play music, but if you share a special song that you share, or music that brings happy memories to both, then play it quietly enough. For obvious reasons, it works better with soft and soft music than heavy rock!

7. Be prepared

The art of creating a romantic and sexy bedroom is being prepared. Remember to hide or move your TV out of the bedroom, or put a faux fur or velvet on the bed. A bottle of champagne in an ice bucket, perhaps with strawberries or ripe cherries in a bowl, also enhances the sensual atmosphere.

Remember to create a romantic mood in your bedroom with all your senses. Although it is easy to trigger the desire with sensual aromas, music and light, touching them is an important factor in making your Valentine’s Day even more special. Wear something soft and sensual, such as silk or satin, and perhaps wear a feather or silk scarf to annoy your partner and set him up for a passionate intimacy.