Scarlett Johansson Buy Louisiana Farmhouse

Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds remained quiet about their marriage seriously (can you believe they were married for two years?). Apart from the occasional trip to the gym together, they are rarely seen in public, in accordance with their low profile, they just bought a house in Louisiana, about 2000 miles from the lights of Hollywood. The couple was to equip the South for a visit recently to assess the damage from the oil spill in the Gulf and began a farmhouse with a barn and a separate plan, the house with all kinds of eco-accessories.

The couple moved to New York earlier this year, could play a role to Scarlett on Broadway, but now it looks like it is her time between the Big Apple and Big Easy to split. Maybe Ryan had the idea to migrate south from their co-star in The Proposal, Sandra Bullock, who recently moved to New Orleans itself. For an overview of the new home, check out the photos below.

Images Credit: Splash News Online

Scarlett Johansson Buy Louisiana Farmhouse Pictures

Scarlett Johansson Buy Farmhouse

Scarlett Johansson Buy Louisiana Farmhouse

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