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If You Want to publish your architecture design work or you are a designer, simply email us a selection of good JPEGs (min 600px width, but please send Them a bit bigger so We Can crop Them Down), a bit of text and links Nowhere Appropriate.

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You can send more than one title with a record of using different details (titles, descriptions, images).

Please do not send unsolicited PDFs, zipped images, links to FTP sites or file sharing sites, or very large files – We publish at 72dpi so We Do not need huge images. But do not scrimp on the number of images – the more, the better.

If We Are like your design project, We Will publish in our site.

We are Unable to pay for photography but We Will happily give credits, links and full copyright details Nowhere Appropriate. Many photographers happily give us free imagery as publication on is a good way to promote Their work and Often leads to commissions from other publications.

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