Shams Voxel Tower

Shams Voxel Tower: 38-storey Residential Tower in Abu Dhabi

Shams Voxel Tower to unfurl extraordinary views of the Arabian Sea. Voxel Shams Tower deploy an impressive sight, what will be a great relief to see the real world. Modules in the stunning design has a flexible and can be formed in a wide range of housing solutions. This flexibility is made possible by the pixelation, which allows you to find apartments overlooking a magnificent view that lean towards the promenade, a marina and the Persian Gulf. 3D-pixels or voxels are swirling around the tower and let people enjoy extraordinary places.

Shams Voxel Tower
Shams Voxel Tower

The tower was designed so that must comply with energy conservation, making good use of local climatic conditions. The solar heat gain was tempted to wear to a minimum by setting the interior, exterior balconies and floor plates in a manner, which in turn reduce energy consumption. The tower will exceed suffocated with a strong environmental and cultural power, which becomes an identity for the development of Al Reem Island. The tower is 145 meters high and was placed on a 3-level podium. The two are placed at higher levels include homes, highlighting the majestic views of the Marina waterfront.

The tower also includes areas of common activities, parking and retail at ground level, which is very helpful for residents. Airy balconies and views aesthetic to welcome as you step into level 36, including penthouses. The structure is different from the regular buildings and has an outer skin impressive. It was not just to impress people with his catchy construction, but also let people mesmerized with his volume of solution. Voxel Shams Tower provide people with all the amenities, services and comfort also lined with a professional style. This will help to balance intuitive parametric design, it’s worth applause and praise.

Images of Shams Voxel Tower

Used in various combinations, these modules create a variety of apartment options.

The tower is mixed well with different lifestyles and leave people satisfied with the functions you just had sex. The stunning landscape of care leave people in a state of fear. The organizational pattern of the balconies as ribbons delicately wrapped and is forced to seek care. Olympic size pool creates interest necessary to the roof of the gallery, so people relax. Voxel Shams Tower is a wonderful concept of architecture, giving new meaning to modern life and lifestyle.

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