Solar City Tower by RAFAA Architecture Designs

Here is a Solar City Tower by RAFAA Architecture Designs. Hoping to be completed in time for the Olympic Games Rio 2016, the Solar City Tour – If successfully built – will be an amazing piece of architecture. The tower will have a production capacity of energy throughout the day using solar energy and make use of pumped storage of water to produce electricity at night. The structure will provide power to the city of Rio and the Olympic Village. Rafaa said the water is pumped into special occasions to create a cascade of reminding people of the forces of nature.

Solar City Tower
Solar City Tower

This production of renewable energy tower on the coast of Rio de Janeiro is one of the first things we saw designed for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, and a boy, is that crazy! (If you have not noticed, is also a waterfall.) The Solar City Tour has been designed by the architecture Rafaa based in Zurich and Design and has a great solar energy system to produce energy during the day and a Storage system pumped water supply for generating at night. Rafaa goal is a symbol of a tower of this type can serve as a starting point of a global green movement and help make the 2016 Olympic Games more sustainable.

Images of Solar City Tower by RAFAA Architecture Designs

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The self-supporting tower for the 2016 Olympic Games is designed to create renewable energy for use in the Olympic Village and the city of Rio de Janeiro. A large solar power plant generates power during the day. Any excess power not used during the day is used to pump seawater into a storage tank in the tower. At night the water is released to power turbines that supply electricity to the city at night. On special occasions the water is pumped to create a waterfall on the banks of the building, which Rafaa said, “a symbol of the forces of nature.” About the size of the storage system and solar water pump is not yet available.

Access to the ecological tower is provided by an urban plaza and amphitheater of 60 meters above sea level, which can be used for social gatherings. On the ocean side of the tower of 105 meters (behind the waterfall) is a café and a shop.An elevator takes visitors up, where an observation deck offers a 360 from the ocean and the city. In 90.5, a bungee platform is available for adventurous visitors.

Images Credit: RAFAA Architecture & Designs