Solid Bed With Natural Handmade Headboard Design

After a long day at work, you are looking for comfort and beauty of your expansion chamber. Decorate a room with warm colors, a wonderful and rewarding home-project setting. Popular colors for modern, minimalistic a mixture of brown and white with accents sweet, filled with elegance and style. Interior design promotes attractive and inviting colors for the bedroom.

For lovers of natural minimalist, it is elegant natural solid wood bed design headboard rustic nature (from the same cloth). If you intend to create a stylish room natural wood of this bed, have the basic must for you. The designer is Andy Ehrensperger Ign.Design for German society. The company is known as the Master of the combination of modern art and furniture in the class known. Aptly named, “Dream,” sees it as natural wood bed has a low profile, freestanding frame made of solid wood that is pressed against a wall so much, because it forward into the middle of the room. Get close, then you could frame and the mattress sits on a smaller, the increase in the base that creates the illusion of floating in the air. Dream Bed minimalist features smooth, curved lines of the echo in the context of integrated design curves bedside table. Thank you to save your lamp or a book about it.

Images Credit: Ign bed Design