Solid Wooden Beds by Zeitraum

Although made of wood (which emphasizes traditional) the last appearance of this beds is truly modern. With a minimalist design, this can be solid wood beds made in Germany between creating a lasting impression on you at home modern bedroom.They said: “simplicity is simple and good and noble.” Plain and simple is good and noble.

Fusion beds with upholstered headboard is hot today, this collection is available in the period range from solid wood, they are beech, oak, oak, maple, American cherry, American walnut, European walnut Amazakoue. Measuring 235cm x 65cm with a beds frame that is 32cm high, supports a slatted beds system and, depending on your specifications. The head portion has a slight slope, with an ergonomic tilt site while reading or watching TV in beds. A total look of this beds was comfortable, so stylish and absolutely comfortable. Now you can see that simplicity can be very exciting. I love this beds? Visit Zeitraum beds for more information and other products.

Images Credit: Zeitraum bed

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