Green buildings_a222Stunning Build

Stunning Green Buildings that Already Exist

This is a stunning green buildings that already exist. Preservation of the environment must be large scale and applied in our daily lives. Energy and water conservation and reuse of materials and recycling is encouraging that the need of the hour. Surely all this can be done much easier if we build sustainable structures. Going Green becomes really easy if we have a supporting infrastructure. Following the success of some of the green buildings, structures more eco-friendly are being built worldwide. Here are some green buildings structures that gave an advantage to this movement.

Green buildings_a222Stunning Build
Green buildings_a222Stunning Build


1. Bank of America Tower, New York, US – Stunning Green Buildings

A LEED certified platinum building built in Manhattan. The characteristic of this skyscraper is the power plant at home that generates approximately 70% of the energy used. 4.6 megawatts plant provides heat and electrical energy for supplying hot water and the heating and cooling. In addition to generating its own energy, the plant also captures energy by burning natural gas and waste heat supply. A floor covering of translucent glass roof insulation brings natural light.

2. Dalby Forest visitor centre, North Yorkshire, UK – Stunning Green Buildings

The receipt of this site is made of old materials, while the roof is made of pneumatic tubes. The entire building can be recycled at the end of his life.Renewable energy from solar panels and wind turbines are used. Water conservation is taken into account that the bathrooms are cleaned with rainwater instead of regular water supply. The boiler is fueled with wood chips and pieces collected from the nearby forest.

3. CII – Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre, Hyderabad, India

This building is one of very few outside of the United States to acquire the Platinum LEED rating. In fact, this was the first building in India and also outside the United States have this certification. It is actually the office of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and a public-private partnership between the Government of Andhra Pradesh, Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd. building applies green building techniques such as using the energy renewable energy, recycling, water conservation and energy efficiency. There is a green roof and recycled wastewater for treatment using the root zone. Photovoltaic solar cells generate native diet.

4. 30 The Bond, Sydney, Australia

The headquarters of Lend Lease, was the first building in the CBD in Australia to acquire the 5-star rating by the classification of Australia inflicted green house building. This structure of sustainable uses of passive chilled beam technology for energy conservation. In addition, natural ventilation and shading facades fully exploited to help reduce carbon emissions. Local and organic materials such as linen, cotton, wool, sisal, goat hair, leather and bamboo are used here. There are rooms in winter, water-saving fixtures and a terrace garden with native plants resistant to drought.

5. Centrum Galerie, Dresden, Germany

This massive shopping complex is known to be the first building to receive the Excellent BREEAM rating not only in Germany but also in continental Europe. The building uses natural light whenever possible and incorporates a green roof.There is a way of saving the stored energy. Other advances will distinguish a high quality design and a comprehensive plan for transportation.

6. RIT’s University Services Center, New York, US

Built in Rochester, New York, this is a LEED Platinum certified building. The services of the University Center Rochester Institute of Technology uses renewable energy sources, including solar cells pholovoltaic. Almost 90% of waste recycled during construction and recycled materials are used, even to operate in the building. The energy consumption for heating and cooling is reduced by 50%. Water conservation, biodiversity through cultivation of the native vegetation plan to control erosion and sedimentation are some other ecosystems achievements here.

7. Shangri La Botanical Gardens, Orange, Texas – Stunning Green Buildings

Eco-friendly energy systems are installed here, wind power plants and provide the energy that there are thirty-six solar panels that can generate about 300 watts of electrical power. The wood used is from fallen trees during the 2005 Hurricane Rita. In addition, geothermal wells for heating and cooling is great. The construction allows plenty of light and is built on a concrete foundation consisting of fly ash are disposed of as waste. There is also reflective metal roofing heat using less energy, organic soil with corn, recycled asphalt parking lot, etc. The center also received the U.S. green buildings platinum certification boards.