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Quantum is Modern Dining Table With Unique Legs

This table is as if the particles move more in the top. Quantum is interpreting a table from Jason Phillips, the motion or what the path might look like the subatomic particles. Thick steel wire is formed by hand, then coated with black powder and it forms the basis for a high lacquered orange corian. We already have a few other tables with …

Futuristic Apartment Interior In Kiev, Ukraine by Natalya Farnosova and Elena Samarina

Futuristic apartment in Kiev, Ukraine Natalya Farnosova located and designed by Elena Samarina, decorations and unusual lighting at home to remind the shallow saltgrotto at the same time is quite comfortable. The ceiling has an interesting structure,the graphics on the contrast of black and white shows the geometry and prove based, eye-catching wonder of simplicity. The interior reveals, thanks to the clever combination of materials such as cans of simple elements used changed veryelegant and pleasant. A table with unusual dining table is shaped like a wave is a catchy eleDesigners did a great job of exploiting the possibilities of minimalism and white. Images Credit: apartmenttypes