Portable Tree Houses Work in Any Environment

Portable Tree Houses Work in Any Environment

Portable Tree Houses Work in Any Environment. Unlike a traditional tree house, pulling mimics the shape and form of a tent and a hammock. Is made of a collapsible frame of straps which are fire retardants, UV PU and water resistant polyester filling panels, and stingy odd inverted pyramids with cords of each of its three points. These wires can be attached to trees or can also be directed to the base of the Tentsile. The only point of contact with the ground allows a level of comfort with a floor in almost any terrain.

Portable Tree Houses

Portable Tree


To have a tree house, this is the dream of every child. Sometimes that dream stays with us, even in adulthood. There is a certain appeal to have their own space in the trees and trying to get close to nature. Tree house combines all things children and adults: fun, outdoor activities and a sense of well being. Unfortunately, not everyone lives in areas with mature trees, putting a damper on things for our dreams arboreal monkeys. But thanks to a team of designers and their creation called Tentsile popular, urban amenities than their counterparts in the field have been doing for years. The tree house is a creative versatile notebook that can be mounted in less than half an hour and set up everywhere.

The Tentsile elevated position offers protection against the cold ground, snakes, insects and other predators as well. It comes in three models that can accommodate two people, five and eight, including the last one is big enough for a double bed. The three arms of the cell tree house containing a hammock with a separate storage space and weighing 35-45 kg.

The Tentsile addition to being a valuable recreational area, can also be used by biological researchers who need to move through nature. Its moderate weight allows you to be done relatively easily, making it perfect for nature lovers.

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Eco Tea Houses

Eco Tea Houses

The tea house has love, or rather thoughtful been designated as the PosbankPavilion. He promises a better idea of ​​being closer to the touch of Mother Nature,because everything that went into his decision and almost anything else that the host itself is natural, and most importantly, environmentally friendly.

Tea Houses

The best part is that the whole building does not use even a grain of wood in its construction, so there is literally no damage to nature. Instead, it uses a cast concrete which originated from granules of rock wool and sheep to isolation.Second, have a sturdy roof, which can support the growth of vegetation andensure proper use of sunlight to generate solar energy. Apart from these featuresECOTIC regular, the house also displays simple ventilation systems, but impressive to maintain adequate circulation of air throughout the structure.

Images of Eco Tea Houses

It will transform the way you enjoy your daily cup of tea.

What else needs to feel closer to Mother Nature? A cup of hot tea, a well-maintained seating and an eyeful of the green majesty to heal all the nerves tiredof making your vision.

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List of Best Houses For Green Living

List of Best Houses For Green Living

The futuristic environmentally friendly houses are of vital importance for the conservation of non renewable energy sources. This also implies that they are targeting green projects to reduce household electricity bill. The success of these green houses is that they never committed to the basic requirements of life in these projects.


A. Material wise-Houses For Green Living

Material wise-houses for green living

Material wise-houses for green living


1. La Casita Encantada

La Casita Encantada echoes of creativity and environmental awareness. This unique chalet has been built by 78 year old Maria Ponce and her husband, 102, Prudencio Amaya, near Transit in El Salvador. To combat the poverty of the couple uses recycled plastic bottles to build their cabin. But it became obvious example of a green house green, which is visited by thousands of tourists.


2. Phoenix Commotion Houses

Dan Philips idea of ​​their best means of Marsha Phoenix Commotion houses offer low-cost houses under a green label. Any waste material you can think of can become a part of the exoskeleton of these houses. Thus, the base material includes bricks, broken tiles, wood shake, wine corks and the list is endless.These houses are extremely durable and are built in consultation with all internal experts such as architects, plumbers, electricians and engineers.


3. Big Dig House

The civil engineer of 51 years, Pedini Boston is a green activist who uses top shelf waste materials such as concrete, steel, cement, etc for public houses, public parking spaces, replacement of bridges, etc. In This time is high Dig House, a 4300 square feet to be built on a hill in Lexington, Boston. 600,000 kilos of steel and cast iron concrete went into the making of the green house.


4. Eco-pod house

The project boasts of its water collection system. Constructed by Aidan Quinn, the sheath has solar panels mounted on the top. These panels capture solar energy to heat water. A wind turbine generates electricity from wind energy. A wood stove also kept on hand for when the wind does not blow. The latrine is worth renting. The tiles that make up the surface of this sheath echoes of recycled tires.


5. Beer bottle house

Attempts by the environmental awareness of fans, Tito Ingenieri the city of Quilmes is highly commendable. Echoed household green beer bottles thrown for nineteen years. Thus, it could save landfill dumped six million bottles of beer to date. A special feature of the houses is that the wind of the river makes beer bottles whistle to indicate whether the water level rises or not.


B. Energy wise-Houses For Green Living

Energy wise-houses for green living

Energy wise-houses for green living


1. InVision Zero by Dow Chemical

Energy consumption in the house was built to zero in Michigan by Dow Chemical Company and stone houses. The features that make this house energy efficient products are green seal, Dow solar shingles, geothermal heat pumps, solar water provision of heating, LED lighting and energy efficiency gadgets in any house. So the house is estimated to save $ 3,507 for the cost of electricity preventing 44,855 pounds of carbon a year.


2. Green Tomorrow House by Samsung C&T

This green green house is a great achievement for Samsung C & T in Yongin, Gyeonggi Province. This dispels the green house use of electricity or other fuel sources. It has 68 energy saving systems and green energy production to replace.


3. Icynene Integral to Connecticut’s First Net Zero Energy Home

This green house in Connecticut is an exemplary project that Green does not use fossil fuels or electricity to meet its energy needs. Icynene spray foam insulation is used on the walls to meet energy needs, which is an environmentally friendly alternative.


4. Empowerhouse

A joint effort of the ecological community, Empowerhouse consciousness is divided into two ecological projects. The first will be part of the Solar Decathlon, and the second will be built as a collaborative effort of Habitat for Humanity in Deanwood. These houses are independent with zero emissions and save about 40% less energy due to building design eco-conscious and green gadgets inside.


5. E-Cube house

This green house is the effort of the University of Ghent in Belgium. Easy to install and remove, these houses are energy efficient, affordable and not a trace of carbon.


C. Design wise-Houses For Green Living

Design wise-houses for green living

Design wise-houses for green living


1. Landhouse

These houses, the creation of the brand include Merer waterproof exoskeleton insulation panels inside. Trap the sun’s rays to meet the energy needs of the people inside. Available in three sizes to suit different customer needs.


2. EDGE house concept

Advantage houses , located in the Bay of Checquamegon in Bayfield, Wisconsin, reflects their systems of rainwater harvesting system and solar power generation.Designed by architects Revelatiions, Baltic birch plywood was used to create the frame. The rain screen and blinds are made of white oak origin. This green house also has geothermal heating and cooling, the shutter insulated exterior door to minimize energy losses during the night and look at the layout of the air heat recovery.


3. The Pearl

Designed by David Fanchon, this house has a green dome functional. This dome is in capturing solar energy and provide shade. Its orientation, attends the sunlight to catch the optimum. The automatic ventilation system helps trap solar energy in the winter months too. Wood paneling on the inside cuts off delay for heating.


4. Eyelid Home

A normal house turned green in Melbourne, Australia. Credits should be given to Fiona Winzar Architects who gave the house with a roof shaped lid. This roof specialized internal heat regulates and maintains the privacy of the residents inside. Solar panels, water baths saving and insulation for temperature control are other attributes that make real houses green eyes.


5. Affiniti Architects Home for Chub Bay

This green house, even in concept will be powered exclusively by solar and wind, once finally built. The four wind turbines and solar panels very efficient energy needs of the house. Among the other economic powers, the metal roof to work to reduce the cost of cooling and tankless water heater will take care of hot water needs.


D. Designed for the future-Houses For Green Living

Designed for the future-houses for green living

Designed for the future-houses for green living


1. Lake House

Designed by Emre Senoglu, Lake House will aim to recycle natural resources.The best known example is the arrangement of recycling rainwater in Lake House. So instead of the lower energy emission and residents will have more energy to be stored and used repeatedly to cover their daily needs.


2. Torus Design concept house

Inspired by the movie Thrive with Torus drawing will be a green project that aims to develop new methods for producing energy and food to feed the growing population. Built with 2224 meters square inside and 1,520 square meters of outdoor area has enough space to accommodate large families too. The powers of this house are green eco barrels of rain water, forest and features organic food self sufficient.


3. Solar powered House by Fabi Architects

Fabi architects have developed the concept of the Ides of affordable housing with green credentials. Thus, solar housing prototypes made by them, known as “household furniture” will be many panels that capture solar energy provoltaic. The angle of the wall and the roof of this house are carefully made prototype to maximize the availability of sunlight. Frame well insulated timber is the basic material of this house. It also comes with DJI beam. All these aim to reduce energy loss, exposure to natural light and minimize Careless use of energy.


4. ReVolt House

This is a smart housing project, Green conceptualized and developed by students at Delft University of Technology, an institution in the Netherlands. It works to reduce population pressure on land filled. House Rebellion is a barge equipped rooftop solar traps sunlight to meet the energy needs of people living inside. Wind energy helps to offset the lack of solar energy on cloudy days too.


5. House for 2050

This is a housing plan proposed by Green M & A Architects. Introduced in the Materials and Technology Exhibition, International Exhibition Co. Tabriz, Iran. The concept of “House of 2050”, said the use of wind and solar energy instead of oil.Root factor behind this idea was that oil will be exhausted in 2050. Thus, the provoltaic vessels outside these houses will be created to trap solar energy during the day and provide light at night. Wind power will also be harnessed to generate electricity from wind turbines. There also have the option to store for future use, even for “House of 2050.”

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