Krankenhaus Nord Wein Hospital by Arup

Krankenhaus Nord Wein Hospital by Arup

Krankenhaus Nord Wein Hospital by Arup. By bagging the contract for the Northern Hospital Krankenhaus Wein, the company earned another feather to its cap international recognition for its expertise in health care. The hospital is supposed to be able to accommodate 250,000 outpatient visits, 40,000 hospital admissions receive and perform about 16,000 surgeries a year. Construction, which is linked to cost about 500 million pounds, has just started and will cost another £ 500 million for the hospital to accommodate world class standard to which hopes to achieve. The project must be completed in 2016.

Krankenhaus Nord Wein Hospital Building

Most modern buildings are made to look good with little regard for the impact on the environment. While they serve their purpose, there is no denying that consume too much energy and release greenhouse gases that pollute the air and strangled.But that does not mean that there are designers who strive to enter the building plans that are innovative and represent a minimal threat to the environment. Arup, an independent firm, recently won a contract to design a large hospital in Vienna, North Krankenhaus Wein, leading to a change in the design of the building and the environment as a whole.

Krankenhaus Nord Wein Hospital by Arup

Krankenhaus Nord Wein Hospital to incorporate high building standards, green living

With the completion of Northern Hospital Krankenhaus Wein, authorities are able to consolidate and reallocate existing health services around the area. To ensure that the hospital functions, built and designed to the highest standards possible, the city of Vienna and the Vienna Hospital Association have developed a new letter of sustainability. Installation of 800 beds, will have roof gardens, light-filled atrium, a high proportion of natural lighting and landscape gardens with water and grass. The height of the hospital is 55 meters with 240,000 square meters.

Once completed, we will see a building that respects the environment, large and also support a constant flow of health workers.

Images Credit: Arup