The Form Cubes Of Safe House With Exterior Wall Movable

Storeyed Houses Covered With Roofs of Different Geometry
Storeyed Houses Covered With Roofs of Different Geometry

House of modern design with a cube-shaped portion of the outer wall and moves large gardens that surround it. This house was built in order to get a sense of safety in the home of the future. The entire building is a monolith of concrete, construction, fully insulated, when they closed. The whole house and the element is bonded with cement particles coated alder Cetris waterproof plywood for the construction of steel and painted with a dark wood that looks like a wood found in many homes and has done? Compatible with the rural landscape. located in a small village on the outskirts of Warsaw.
Glazing area behind the walls of buildings for energy to go to natural light in the winter or the warmth of the sun can be prevented from home in the summer. South elevation will have a roll-down door closed anodized aluminum, which can serve as a projection white film. All moving parts are on top electronic machines, which ensures safe operation. The realization of the idea required the use of complex technical solutions. The most important is the wall shear stress, which can disrupt the urban fabric and to determine the safety zone of the property. There are large windows and a bridge leading to the roof terrace is the pool.

Design by kwk promes Architects
Images Credit: Aleksander Rutkowski