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The Harlem Edge Architects: Greenhouse Transformer by PRAUD

The Harlem Edge: Greenhouse Transformer offers Harlem tools for sustainability by PRAUD. Design competitions to give people the opportunity to present their concepts to the world, taking into account the change and innovation. Also pave the way for governments to establish an infrastructure based on them. The Harlem Edge is the competition so that encourages residents of Harlem coming up with ideas for remodeling the current Ministry of site remediation. Participants are invited to create a concept taking into account public access, urban agriculture, creative programming, facilitating economic activity and sustainability.

The Harlem Edge Architects
The Harlem Edge Architects

Some input is distinguished from the finalists who benefit greenhouse transformer, designed by Rafael Luna Yim and Dongwoo of Praud, a Boston firm.The design shows that food production is a catalyst for human activity. This will be the people who are actively involved in food production, making sustainable construction.

According to the designers, urban agriculture is limited largely due to weather conditions. From the rural base their practices on agricultural irrigation systems developed, it is easier to facilitate the production of food. To avoid this problem, Luna Yim and have considered the use of mechanical means to create artificial climate inside the building, suitable for food production.

Transformation of greenhouse gases not only in urban agriculture, however, is a place where farmers markets are created during the summer months, where products are sold to local food distributors in the open deck space. The building also will have a space to educate the public about the methods of urban agriculture and students will also be able to see the process firsthand. The proceeds of sales will be used to support the learning program. Promote the exchange of culture, the green areas of the house transformer for entertainment and leisure.

New concept of Luna Yim and seem to have built a community as a whole needs to function properly. How admirable is the level of participation that would be incurred if greenhouse Transformer ever see reality.

Project Details:

Project: Emerging New York Architects Competition 2012 (The Harlem Edge; Cultivating Connetions)
Result: Honorable Mention
Year: 2012
Team: PRAUD (Rafael Luna, Dongwoo Yim)
Area: 2,475 m2


Find more plans, sections and elevations of Greenhouse Transformer in the image gallery below.

Images Credit: bustler